Allelieweziel and Ewicher Yeeger

Or, why we have a God of Death, Scrapple, and Second Chances. The Dunkelheft is here, and we have a bit of spooky, as well as a cautionary tale.

As part of Allelieweziel, we honour our forebears. This twinkling haunted village was inherited from my mother, and is part of that practice for me every year.


It’s July, and that means it’s time for hay-making! We dive into the Zusaagpflicht, why grass is so important, and how to keep oaths to the Maerriche.

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Another month has passed, and we’re ramping up the action, both inside and out. This episode we look at Lenzbutzerei (Spring Cleaning), Wonnezeit, and learn how our Butzemenner defeat King Frost.

If you would like more information on Wonnezeit, a brief description can be found at

If you’re more interested in the Frost Giants’ attack, look no further than

Grumbieredaag, Oschdre, and Ziegdaag

Three holidays all in one! We’re back with our second episode, which explores the crowded month of March in the Urglaawish year. We look at Grumbieredaag (March 17th), Oschdre (the Vernal Equinox), and Ziegdaag (April 1st), which we’ve adapted from the Deitsch tradition of “Flitting Day”, when tenant farmers would move their families.

For more info on the holidays discussed here, and lore on Der Bariyeharr, and an explanation of Ziegdaag historically:

The planting has started! Potatoes aren’t terribly easy to photograph, but the baby cabbages are pretty.

Entschtanning Episode!

Howdy folks,

I know it’s been a little while, but our first episode is finally here. Welcome to our exploration of Entschtanning, the twelve day observance where we talk about time, cosmic wisdom, fairy godmothers, “zombie plant spirits”, and donuts. Along with groundhogs telling us about the other realms… is the best place to find more info on the Kannsege, and a link to the Myth of Delbel