Holle’s Haven: The Urglaawisch Podcast

Welcome back! In our first anniversary show, we take a deeper look into the traditions of Entschanning, including the Kannsege, where we activate our Butzemenner. For the naming convention explained in more detail, have a look at https://urglaawe.blogspot.com/2012/02/butzemann-naming-convention.html Also, in case anyone is interested in Grundsau art, feel free to go look at https://www.rachelyoderart.net – … Continue reading Entschtanning 2021
  1. Entschtanning 2021
  2. Voryuul, Yuul, and Berchtaslaaf
  3. Allelieweziel and Ewicher Yeeger
  4. Erntfescht
  5. Hoietfescht

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